La Palombière, 5-star campsite in Sarlat in Dordogne Black Perigord

CAMPING ***** LA PALOMBIERE - Sainte-Nathalène - F-24200 SARLAT - France - Tel. +33 553 594 234 - Fax +33 553 284 540 - Email


Restaurant / Bar

Camping La Palombière offers a traditional cuisine with the local flavours of the Périgord.
The Dordogne is a land of hospitality and gastronomy. The culture of living well and eating well is part of the Périgord tradition. Local onion soup (tourain), foie gras, duck breast, fried “Sarladaise” potatoes, omelet with truffles or mushrooms, melted goat’s cheese on salad, walnut cake.

Many specialties that have made the reputation of the Périgord. The wines of Bergerac and Cahors are a perfect accompaniment to this delicious cuisine.

We propose a gourmet menu for the restaurant and as well as a snack menu. In the restaurant or out on the terrace, you will be seduced by the flavours of the Southwest...

(Dinner Only)
Duck gizzard salad with walnuts
Traditional Lascaux snails with garlic butter (x12)
— • —
Preserved duck, Sarlat potatoes with Porcini
Grilled duck breast with foie gras sauce
— • —
Goat’s cheese
— • —
Iced walnut dessert with walnut liqueur
Walnut cake

(Up to 12 years of age)

1 soft drink
Chicken nuggets, chips or rice
Fish nuggets, chips or rice
Butcher’s burger, chips or rice
Cheese tortellini with pesto
2 scoops of ice cream
Ice cream to take away

(Lunch and Dinner)
Green Salad
Mixed Salad
Méditerranéenne (lettuce, tomatoes, onion, cucumber, peppers, feta cheese)
Rocamadour (lettuce, goat’s cheese, cured ham, walnuts, tomatoes)
Melon with smoked duck breast and pinenuts
Orientale(lettuce, kebab style chicken pieces, onion)
Beef Carpaccio with basil and Parmesan with lettuce
Salade de la Mer (Lettuce, petoncle, prawns and Balsam)
Salade Périgourdine (lettuce, smoked duck breast, duck gizzard, foie gras terrine, walnuts)
— • —
Homemade Pizzas
Margarita (tomato base, cheese)
Reine (tomato base, ham, mushrooms, cheese)
Norvège (creme fraiche base, smoked salmon, dill, cheese)
Chorizo (tomato base, peppers, chorizo, cheese)
Cabécou (tomato base, goat’s cheese, onion, parsley, garlic, cheese)
Paysanne (creme fraiche base, potato, lardons, onion, cheese)
Végétarienne (tomato base, onion, peppers, mushroom, fresh tomato, cheese)
Hawaïenne (tomato base, ham, ananas, cheese)
Périgord (tomato base, duck gizzard, smoked duck breast, cheese)
— • —
Large plated rib steak or salmon steak (with salad and chips)
Cheese tortellini, lettuce
Tapas (gazpacho, squid fritter, Tex Mex chicken drumstick, salad of vegetables, hot Camembert, lettuce)
Homemade cheeseburger and chips
Toasted sandwich, chips or salad
Chicken or fish nuggets and chips
Butcher’s burger and chips
Plate of chips
— • —
Omelettes (with chips and salad)
Plain Omelette, Chips and Lettuce
Omelette Composée (Choose 2 fillings: cheese, herbs, potato, lardons. €0.50 extra), chips and Lettuce
Porcini Omelette with Lettuce
— • —

Les bouteilles 75 cl
Les Vins Blancs
Côté Tariquet 2009 Fruité
Chablis 2007 «Vielles Vignes»
— • —
Les Vins Rosés
Tariquet 2009 «Rosé de Pressée»
— • —
Les Vins Rouges
Bergerac 2007 «Taic»
Cotes de Bergerac 2005 «Château Masburel»
Cahors 2007 «Le Petit Clos»
Vin BIO du Périgord 2009 «Les Joualles»
— • —
Les Pichets 50 cl
Pichet de Rouge, Rosé, ou Blanc
— • —
Le Champagne
Carte d’Or «Joseph Loriot»
— • —

(Dinner only)
Duck foie gras duo (« mi-cuit » and pan fried)
Mixed courgettes and peppers with mint
Salmon tartare with citrus fruit
— • —
Caramalised knuckle of lamb, Gratin Dauphinois
Grilled duck tenderloin with foie gras
Curried Gambas in the honey, Rice
— • —
Goat’s cheese
— • —
Carpaccio of mango, red fruit coulis
Chocolate fondant
Iced nougat with red fruit coulis

(Dinner only)
Crushed tomatoes and goat’s cheese ice cream
Tourin Blanchi du Périgord (Garlic soup with croutons and grated cheese)
Thin slices of dill-marinaded smoked trout
« Mi-cuit » foie gras terrine with fig chutney
Salmon tartare with citrus fruit
Mixed courgettes and peppers with mint
Traditional Lascaux snails with garlic butter (x 12)
Pan fried duck foie gras with apples
Scallops in Porcini sauce
— • —
Sliced marinaded chicken breast, thyme, lemon, tagliatelle
Griddled steak rib (250g), chips (Maitre d’Hotel butter or shallots)
Preserved duck, Sarlat potatoes with Porcini
Grilled duck tenderloin with foie gras
Caramelised knuckle of lamb and Gratin Dauphinois
Preserved duck cottage pie
— • —
Grilled salmon steak, Fresh tomato and basil
Parcel of cod, crushed potatoes and green vegetables
Curried Gambas in the honey, Rice
— • —
Warm goat’s cheese, lettuce with walnut oil dressing
Cheese platter
— • —

Coffee and miniature puddings
Strawberries with sugar
Strawberries with sugar and whipped cream
Carpaccio of mango with red fruit coulis
Crème Brûlée
Fruit tart (strawberry, blueberry… depending on availability)
Walnut cake, custard
Chocolate fondant, custard
Iced Nougat with red fruit coulis
Fresh melon trio
Iced walnut dessert with walnut liqueur
Pancake with sugar
Pancake with Chocolate or Sugar and whipped cream or jam
Waffle with sugar
Waffle with Chocolate or Sugar and whipped cream or jam
Ice cream - 2 scoops (choose flavours below)
Ice cream - 3 scoops (choose flavours below)

Ice Cream Flavour
Vanilla - Strawberry - Praline flavoured with hazelnut flakes - Chocolate - Arabica Coffee - Salted Caramel - Nougat - Mint with dark chocolate flakes - Crème brulée with caramel - Rum and raisin - Banana

Raspberry - Orange with candied orange zest - Blackcurrant - Mango - Passion Fruit - Pineapple - Lemon - Pear - Peach
Ice Cream (Carte d’Or)
Trilogie des Fleurs (1 scoop Lavender, 1 scoop Thyme, 1 scoop Violet)
Banana Split (Banana, 1 scoop Strawberry, 1 scoop Vanilla, 1 scoop Chocolate, whipped cream and chocolate sauce)
Poire Belle-Hélène (1/2 tinned pear, 1 scoop Vanilla, 1 scoop Pear, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and flaked almonds)
Anglaise (2 scoops mint with dark chocolate flakes, 1 scoop dark chocolate, whipped cream)
Duchesse (1 scoop praline flavoured ice cream with hazelnut flakes, 1 scoop Arabica Coffee, 1 scoop Nougat, whipped cream, flaked almonds)
Nostalgie (1 scoop salted caramel, 2 scoops crème brulée flavoured ice cream with caramel flakes, whipped cream)
Salade de Fruits Glacés (11 scoop Raspberry, 1 scoop Orange with candied orange zest, 1 scoop Peach)
Rouge Sylvestre (1 scoop Strawberry, 1 scoop Blackcurrant, 1 scoop Raspberry)
Voyage Exotique (1 scoop Pineapple, 1 scoop Passion Fruit, 1 scoop Mango)
Coupes Alcoolisées
Colonel (3 scoops Lemon sorbet, Vodka)
Martiniquaise (2 scoops Rum-raisin, 1 scoop Banana, Rum, Raisins, slice of Banana)
Douceur de Poire (3 scoops Pear, Pear brandy)


The bar of La Palombière is happy to welcome you. See you at our happy hour!
For breakfast service, hot and cold drinks, cocktails and ice cream sundaes. You will also find a giant television screen, board games, video games, a pool table and booking service for the mini golf and tennis court.

You will be able to enjoy the comfort of the radiant heat from the fireplace during evenings in low season.


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